Fire alarms can often act as the first line of defense against the threat of fire, as they serve to warn us of present danger. Since their function is so critical to ensuring your safety, you cannot overlook this particular area. If you need a fire alarm for the first time or the tenth time, our specialists at The Fire Equipment Company have got you covered.

The Importance of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms save the lives of thousands of people each day. They work diligently to alert you smoke at times when you are unaware. Many fire accidents occur when you’re sleeping, meaning you are incapable of stopping a small fire from growing, or getting out of the house before the fire reaches your bedroom. A loud sound emits when the alarm has detected danger, bringing your undivided attention to the hazard.

Fire alarms can also work to alert local fire stations about your situation. If you are away from home and unable to attend to the matter, these alarms will be sure that your house is still safe. Fire code demands that both households and commercial locations have numerous fire alarms. This ensures the ultimate safety of the property and the people inside of it.

Fire alarms for commercial buildings are also of great importance. The ability to let everyone in the building know about the danger is crucial to saving lives.

Comprehensive Fire Protection Services

Here at The Fire Equipment Company, we handle all steps to ensure your total fire protection. Many businesses will only offer the devices or simply do installations. Our technicians are completely certified and provide everything you need for your safety. We have many different models available and are ready to professionally install them for you. Our team is also always available to come on-site and repair your device.

To us, there is nothing more important than your safety. That’s why we offer a 24-hour monitoring service, always making sure you and your property are safe. As Phoenix’s top fire protection service, we offer a wide variety of protection services. The many facets of fire alarm protection we offer include:

  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Control panels
  • Communicators
  • 24-hour monitoring

Types of Fire Alarms

Two types of fire alarms are most commonly used in modern day fire protection: those that use ionization technology and those that use photoelectric technology. Ionization devices are typically more responsive to active fires. Between two plates in the device, there is a small amount of radioactive material that creates a flow between plates. This flow is disrupted when smoke enters the device and triggers an alarm.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are more attentive to smoldering fires. Inside the device, there is a light source aimed at a sensor. When smoke enters the chamber, this light is weakened and sets off an alarm. This device is very sensitive to even to the slightest amount of smoke. Both devices are incredibly responsive, which is why we suggest you install both types in your building.

Having both types increases your chance of stopping a small fire before it develops. If you have more questions concerning types of alarms, please give us a call today.

Brand Name Products At Low Prices

As a top provider of fire protection in the Phoenix, AZ, area, we carry only the best products on the market. All our products are tested and approved to adhere to today’s fire code standards. We provide the industry’s leading devices and offer them at the lowest prices around.

If you’re searching for a top-quality alarm that is backed by unparalleled service, look no further. Call our team here at The Fire Equipment Company today!


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